October 3, 2015

Review: The Body Shop Oils Of Life range

Hello world! Though I'd write a quick review today before studying for my circuits test on Monday. I recently stopped by my local Body Shop, and saw that they had remodeled the store, and decided to go in (of course). I was drawn to the Oils Of Life range immediately, not only because of the pretty packaging, but also the word oil. I'm a firm believer in including oils in my skincare routine, so I had to pick something up. I bought the Oils Of Life Intensely Revitalizing Essence Lotion (I'm a college student on a budget, after all). I've been using Korean and Japanese skincare for a while now, and pleased to see an essence lotion there! It's basically a watered-down serum, and you apply it after cleansing and toning and before serums and other products. It gives you a nice hydration boost, and smells amazing!

Next up, the Oils Of Life Intensely Revitalizing Cream and Intensely Revitalizing Facial Oil. I got free samples of both of these (yay!), and I have to say they are GORGEOUS. I have dry skin, and living in the desert doesn't make it any better, so I found these to be super luxurious and hydrating, but not greasy or heavy feeling. The scent is amazing, very earthy and peppery.

Overall, I'm loving this range, and highly recommend you all go out and try it!

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